Fairs - Florence Pitti Uomo

by Frans Boone January 19, 2016

 In our dairy the first fair this season, for buying season 2016 2017. A short stay but very valuable. As a lot of peacocks were waiting in the rain outside to get their "strange bird" outfit pictured, we were working through our agenda, 7 buying appointments were made, and only one day and a half time... For newcomers like the magnificent Italian manufacturer of soft comfortable winter coats "Hevo" and for the classics like Edward Green and Alden, we found our needs and wrote our orders. Private White evaluated their Jeep coat and offered nice "shackets", unconstructed, warm and soft jackets, all made in and around Manchester, using best fabrics, carefully slected bu Nick Ashley and the complete crew was happy and proud to present their new items, a real good atmosphere! We also met again our Japanese friends from Resolute, one of the smallest denim manufacturers, making great basic denim that comes in a rinsed version and also we will receive an exclusive series in natural off white denim.

At Alden, again a couple of special orders were made, to offer you again some really nice Alden x Frans Boone shoes and boots, the delivery will be around September i assume, but it's always a wild guess as it can be earlier or later sometimes, handmade production is not easy to control sometimes... Finally we found a company and time to purchase belts again, as a lot of belts are "to much" or "to shiny" and i think a belt is one of the only items that don't have to change on every outfit, it sounds strange, but i always wear one belt, already for 4 years the same on a daily base. It works on my Sciamat suit at Christmas evening (actually its so well made i don't need a belt, but i could not find an other example)  but also on a slouchy beaten up pair of jeans.

Back in our stable and i can tell you i am really happy we created place for this family business, are the Mazzarelli shirts. We created together with these hardworking shirtmakers our own slimfit shirt model with an exclusive collar that will replace our Barba shirt range slowly, using the best Thomas Mason fabrics, as a permanent never out of stock shirt range for those guys who are slim and also need some extra back length and sleeve length. It will only arrive in one fit and comes in oxfords, poplins and some stripes and other classic patterns. The production is very refined and all details are matching our standards. Years ago when i first met Mr Domenico Mazzarelli, he guided me all through his beloved side of Italy and we think we understand why once you've been there you will always get back to this part of the country!

This was only a short report of our Florence buying trip, next week, Paris and Berlin, to be continued...


Frans Boone
Frans Boone


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