Fairs - Berlin Selvedge run January 20th 2016

by Frans Boone January 23, 2016

Wednesday January 20th; Early in the morning we catch the flight from Rotterdam to Berlin, a little cold, but still no real winter and we need to purchase already for next winter...


We arrived smoothly around 9 at our destination; A real great old brewery in Berlin, now called "Kulturbrauwerei" It's a great looking building, but unfortunately or luckily, it started at 10h, so we had the chance to pick a nearby cappuchino in one of those simple but cool and creative little coffee bars. A great start!


Our main target at selvedge run; Catch up with the guys from Studio D'Artisan and Orgueil to extend our relationship and expand our collection. Their horsehide leather coats, the melton coats, the cable knits, shirts, all made with a Japanese eye for detail and quality, are succesfull in store and are catching lot of attention all around the little world, so thats what we need again! So we are happy to announce we will receive bigger sizes next winter in the car coat and the horsehide aviator coat that we already stocked.


We decided to add some more items, you will see arrive in September,  October and November so keep an eye on it. After this we met again Christian from New York, producing the Left Field tube tees and also the choctaw Ridge tees, so we discussed some intersting little projects, he is one of those guys still going strong and doesn't say much, but shows his experience and love for the product when he starts talking, meanwhile showing his items, a real great guy with a great product.



Next stop,  Peter and Gitta  Plotnicky in their showroom, 1.5 km away form the fair, so we had a nice walk to see just a little of Berlin, that has so much history, we felt ashamed we could not see more...


At Merz B Schwanen we had a good meeting and ordered a lot of new items and best sellers, to ensure our clients can find one of the biggest selections online  and in store worldwide! Meanwhile it was already time to go to the airport, after a decent late lunch...  Next stop; Paris..




Frans Boone
Frans Boone


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