Milano buying Trip

by Frans Boone February 14, 2016

Winterbuying is always a pleasure, compact collections, less noise in the colections, luxury fabrics, it's always much more interesting. It's a shame real winters don't exist, so we need to be carefull with heavy parka's, puffers and wool coats... With this idea we heded Milano Sunday evening late, always a risk, to go to Brussels around that time, as all Belgians appear to drive back home form the Belgina coast at the same time, like sheeps, also driving like sheeps... But Google saved us and guided us around all accidents and traffic (believe me ; sunday drivers still exist) so we arrived in time and yes; Our plane left (not in time, but still last season we had to stay in Brussels 2 times as our flights were cancelled without any reason) and we were in it...

Arriving late in Milan is like arriving in a kind of ghost town, compared to Paris and New York , this city sleeps at night... but that's ok, we are here for business, no pleasure ;-)

Monday morning fresh and fruity we started our tour at Barena, working on our new project we decided to team up with this brand, at the backside of a typical Milanese building with a beautiful roof garden.  It's a perfect jacket for leisure wear, in a perfect fit.

The morning light came in the showroom and touched shades of blue at Barena

A little later we met Simone Finamore, the man with the smile, knowing exactly what happens, respect for this family, they run a niche in a big world, keeping the tradition of handmade shirts alive and offering a wide range of options, to make a real Frans Boone x Finamore shirt.

Simone Finamore loves a joke and has the best choclats!

After a well deserved lunch we headed for Aspesi, outerwear, that has to be not to heavy, like mentioned earlier, but we do need it, so this was a hard nut to crack... However after our first selection it was clear; again Aspsi shows their love for fabrics, japanes, English, Scottish, Irish and Italian, the Aspesi team sources fabric worldwide!

A mix of technical and vintage cloth at Aspesi


Burned 50% of our Milano budget we returned to the hotel. Preparing the next days budget and work out and modify the collection concept for 2016/2017...

Frans Boone
Frans Boone


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