Milano Buying trip part II

by Frans Boone February 14, 2016

After a good night rest, an amzing relaxing breakfast, on the road again, meeting the team of "The Gigi" in their cellar, working on the dream of Pierluigi Boglioli. This collection is a redifined view on tailoring and how to wear tailored jackets...  Soft jersey jackets on sweatpants, and sneakers, but always made in italy following the tradition.

After this the real thing, the Soragna based tailoring company Caruso, that blew away all garment dyed jackets in our store last season with our collab Navy Blazer. This way back to the traditional made jacket will be continued, they introduced us last time the Gobi gold collection, a collection developed by Caruso, using fabrics supplied by Loro Piana, in the same class as cashmere.

Also their coats are amazing, so also here we couldn't resist to add a couple of amazing wool coats.

Caruso is also an ambassador for Italy, and luckily they also include the best food of Italy in their programm ;-) It sounds strange maybe, but i am sure they started one of the strongest marketing campaigns i have since years in this level of the industry also with their movies, "The Good Italian" Part 1 and 2, humor and serious tailoring can work together!

After this Caruso experience, heading to Slowear, the other side of the town, almost outside milano, but a pleasure to see their seasonally showroom lay out... The collections are like always, Zanone, Incotex, Glanshirt and Montedoro, under the Slowear umbrella. Also here the atmosphere is an atmosphere of a winning team that survived a lot of competitors, also in our store, refreshing, but always easy to wear, and in a correct fit, don't change what is good, but never sit down seems to be their credo and i do agree, men don't need much but a pair of good pants is essential. check out their decoration, the pants you all know ;-)


This year their decoration theme was all about coffee, one of the main items every Italian needs in the morning... However i believe a lot of young Italians are not that addicted to their roots anymore. But again, great decoration! check the pictures below, on the first the traditional "Slowear shoot starring Niccolo" Thanks Niccolo, for the professional help!

Frans Boone
Frans Boone


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