Engineered Garments, Red Incotex - Slowoffice wear

What doe you wear on a summer day, working in a creative area, or atmosphere? This could be a good idea, for those who use the bike as main transport. the Engineered Garments parka is lighrtweight, has multifunctional inside pockets and two straps that allow you to wear it on your back like a back pack, so when you are walking you can keep it on when it's getting dry or sunny. the french terry vest is great to wear, light weight, soft like a thin sweater and comfortable above all. So is the bask sweat, with side vents, a longer backside, chest pocket in the same french terry. This is New York, functional, cool; Engineered. to stay in New York, Common Projects is the bridge between US and Italy. Italy brings us the cool Red Incotex line, innovative japanese fabrics in a superb make. Two pleats on the front for comfort, a suft lightweigt chambray. Two details: The Brooks bag is easy to attach to the luggage carrier on your bike and is waterproff, so your goods keep dry and also has a compartiment for your Mac Book to keep it dry and protected from bouncing. The inside colors is always sunny yellow. Finally the best socks ever, Panthrella, in a soft cotton that keeps it's shape after a lot of washings.