Frans Boone

It get's more difficult every season; Our buyer and instore needs are every time more and more specific,  our customers are also becoming increasingly critical due to their ever-increasing knowledge and experience
. The suppliers and their designers are often not aware of these needs, as it seems often  they live in another world, the world of dreams, famous stars, party's bloggers and more energy and brain absorbing occupational therapy.  When aproduct works well in a different an a certain fabric, the next season the shareholders require more profit and we receive a much cheaper fabric, or the next collection offers only some colors completely out of range. 

And i can write a lot more story's, but then i will sound sour. 

But instead of telling all these story's we started to investigate production, fabrics, details etc. , of several iconic items and we were supported by a great man in Italy, whose job can't be defined on one page, but has an impeccable eye on production and styling and... contacts.

He guided me into this world, which i know already a bit, from consulting another Italian company in the past, but also we moved up ourselves by visiting production fairs, a thousand times more interesting then the peacock freak show called Pitti...

Actually our basic rules are;


  • Made in Italy.
  • Using only best fabrics that make sense.
  • A better fit then most upmarket labels, that is the same the next production round too.
  • Finished like the upper class production
  • At a price level we currently handle
  • in great color settings we select and is not dictated by the restrictions of the brand

So easily said; Just a carry over product that can be made in the colors we like and always fits the same unless we ask for a change... This appears to be almost impossible. But we found out producer, we found our fabrics, and we found the right family helping us in this.

The first results are iconic pieces that were made already in a lot of ways, by many company's but always had something we did not like. I bought many samples, but i don't wear any of them, this makes it all very clear.