When the temperature rises - Vetra, Post O' Alls and a cool tee

Vetra, an old traditional workwear manufacturer from France, since 1927. They managed to transform to a slow fashion manufacturer, offering styles that are not going out of fashion. In quality's that are the best value for money. The jacket has a nice fit and can be worn like a shirt or ajacket depending on the outside temperature, you can create your idea. The pants have a narrow bottom and are nicely made with details on the fly and pockets with nice buttons. All in 100% cotton made in France. The Post O' Alls waistcoats are the most genious on the market, in soft poplin with nice prints and several functional pockets, all made in USA. Also perfect to wear on real hot days, so you still have pockets to stow all items a man needs. finished with the Jack Purcells in canvas and footlets of Pantherella. O, don't forget the trunks of Wahts, a dutch company who thinks first and than makes a perfect pair of trunks in cotton country Portugal. The Tee's; We stocked a lot of tee's, These Engineered Garments are great, a thick strong ahnd cotton, with a great surf print. Featruing a chest pocket and 2 side splits with a longer pack part. The cross crew neck is also great to keep your sunglasses, not wearing them. The print seemsto be a 2016 thing, as also in our Velva Sheen collection we have a lot of it, check these out here