December 2nd & 3rd 2016
One of our most exiting events is the Edward green trunk show! As spring will arrive soon, we decided to concentrate on the very nice rubber soles Edward Green offers. These rubber soles are perfect, a great weight, very comfortable and less delicate. But still the look form the side like regular leather soles. Loafers are a perfect pair of shoes to try these soles but it works well on Dovers too, or Camden, or Banbury, whatever. 2nd and 3rd of December you can order what you like and you will receive your pair early spring. But for sure we will not only show you rubber soles, also a great collection more formal shoes, like the most classic black, or the Galway boots in some different make ups will be presented, so for every man a pair of Edward Greens. Sounds great isn't it? See you then, you are invited!
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