Job Opportunity

 We are always to offer a chance!


"All round" job (4 days or fulltime) some weekend days a month.

Times have changed, a "salesman" job, doesn't exist, are you into online marketing, you want to meet clients in the bricks and mortar store, you are willing to move a box, you have 2 hands and know how to use these, able to communicate in Dutch and French, English and maybe some German? You don't have to show up in a suit and tie, but have to understand our way, or willing to dive into it? 5 days sometimes longer? You can be the right one in our stores, both Knokke or Sluis. We offer you a decent job, in a jong but experienced team.



Stock keeper:

A person who is in charge of the goods or merchandise in a warehouse

Our incoming and outgoing flow controlled by the right person; A dream? 

You must be able to work with stock keeping software developed in house, able to keep this updated, clean and stocked in the right way. 

From our new warehouse you will be distributing and receiving clothes for and from our stores. 

Daily hours can be adapted to your "lifestyle" early birds have a +, they can leave early too.

We are working on this job, to make it also a part of our team, so it might be a good thing to work some days in our store starting to see whats going on.

Extra: this warehouse is in development, we are working to move our photo studio also to that area,  so if you are capable to make good product pictures, you can also mention this, it's a +.

4-5 days a week


Student - Weekend job - Part time

You want some extra money but don't want to work in bar's or restaurants? You want a decent job and hours? Photography, stock-keeping, instore weekend work,  or in the evening some develop/online work? Let us know what you can offer us and you want to do. We can see if there is a match. We are always looking for creative brains even the can only work some (productive) hours a week.