Job opportunity 29-10-2021


I am happy you already are on this page, so at least it means you are interested in a challenge. 

After 6 years, one of our staff members (Ralf), decided to move over to another job; With other challenges and a new future in front of him, which we respect!

We will miss him, as he is/was capable and reliable and always open to find solutions for all practical things that show up working in a store like ours... Also he has a great pair of hands, not afraid of moving boxes in our warehouse and driving around in his company car,  between the store's distributing stock.

On top of this, soon our clients started to like him. Because of his honest and professional opinion over the years he grew in to our store all naturally and felt comfortable in his position.

So we are hiring some one like Ralf, but it will be a challenge for you to offer us what he did, without being the same person, you are free to achieve your goal in your own way.

It might sound strange , but i cant be more honest, i will miss Ralf very hard, his sense of humor, simple but clear view on reality, as a friend. Like he told me also; He did not leave us because he did not like it, but his new challenge is just a new challenge ;-) And you have to let them go when they learn to fly ;-)


Can you offer us this?

Feel free to contact me or Victoire - Frans Boone - Victoire Hoofdman