Returns EU

It happens;

Sometimes the product doesn't fit or look like you expected.

  1. Or you want another size, or replace it by another product.
  2. Anyway, there are many reasons possible and we want to offer you the most easy way.
  3.  In the package is a return form attached to the order/invoice, please read the instructions,  fill in this form and ship this with the goods. Please read below for the right instructions carefully.
  4. We can't just swap for another size or color, so:
  5. Order the right size/product rightaway to ensure you have it as fast as possible.
  6. Ship your return in original packaging, unworn, in same condition as it arrived (all goods are checked before shipping) and a copy of the order to:
  8. We accept payments in Euro, and refunds will be also made in Euro. We are not responsible for exchange rate difference at the moment of purchase and return payment (refund). 
  9. We send all items with a Frans Boone hangtag. When this hangtag is removed we will not accept a return as the goods might be worn then. 
  10. After we received your return in good condition, we will refund you within 48 hours, sometimes it takes a couple of days longer till it's shwon on your statement.


Send all returns back to:

   Frans Boone Store

   returns  (and your order number)

   Kapellestraat 17

   4524CW  Sluis


   phone number +31(0)117462188



Returns from outside EU


You can use the carrier you prefer as long it's trackable. Let us know the track nr by mail.

On the shipping label you must mention it concerns R.T.O. items, (Return to Origin)

This keeps us free from clearance and import costs. If you don't do this, these costs will be deducted form your refund, (50 euro max) no exception will be made in this case.

If import tax is over 50 euro, we will refuse  the package and it will be returned to sender without any exception.

After we received your return you will be able to print your order in your account, proving it was returned and refunded, just in case you need to get the Import tax refunded to form your customs agency in your country. We are not able in any way to do this.


Contact before you send goods back to us, in some cases we will arrange the pickup to avoid complications.

If you don't inform us about your return shipment or add wrong invoices we reserve the right; 

All expenses made due to wrong return shipment / customs complications, will be deducted form your refund.

Shoeboxes must be packed in a protective outer layer box. Taped shoeboxes will be refused as a return.

After receiving the goods, the refund exclusive shipping costs will be made, paypal payments are immediate visible, credit card payments may take a while, but we ensure you the refund will be made the same day the goods arrive here in store.

Returned goods must be returned in 14 work days. With every shipment comes a return form, that explains how to return.


Please send back the goods like you received it.

Since a while we add hangtags to all delivered goods. Its a brown letterpress printed hangtag with our logo. If this hangtag is removed, we will not accept a return as we will see this as a worn/used item.  It's attached in only one way with one type of string. Different strings are also seen as "used" 

Sometimes we receive €250 euro shirts back stuffed in a package like it's dirty laundry.  We need to recondition the goods in this case or sometimes they aren't even possible to sell online anymore. In this case we reserve the right to claim 10% of the item value received. We will deduct this 10% from the refund.

If goods are damaged or impossible to sell online again we reserve the right to charge you full value and you have to pay again for shipping if you want the goods. Claiming your payment at your CC company or Paypal will result in a negative reply in this case. This rule is very strict and no pardon. Consider the fact you purchase a new shirt and it reaches you stuffed in a box.

Shoes demand your special attention! 

Try shoes always on a carpet, don't bend the soles or uppers trying the shoes on. We ask this also our clients instore, so why wouldn't we ask it to online clients. If the shoes don't fit you, we have to sell this to other clients, they want also "new" shoes.

if shoes are creased before shipping we will always mention this and provide you more pictures.