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Caruso Camelhair wool Tosca jacket

by Caruso

€ 1,297.99
€ 1,072.72 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

The Tosca jacket is a returning style, this time in the Exclusive for Caruso made camelhair cloth by Loro Piana. It's the first time a company manages to make a yarn as soft as cashmere out of camelhair, the 17micron hair guarantees a soft touch! The Tosca jacket is a tailored luxury casual jacket, with comfortable side pockets. It's an unlined contstruction, only the sleeves are lined. It feels like a sweater and can be worn dressed up or on denims.

The wool of the camels that live in northern Asia, in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, of which only 1.4 million specimens remain, is a noble and rare fibre, with only 2,000 tons a year being produced (of which only 30% is suitable for clothing), about one-third of the finest variety of cashmere. It has always been appreciated for its softness, its golden colour and thermostatic properties and until today had been used for rather thick fabrics and yarns, more suitable for coats and heavy jackets.

Thanks to Loro Piana technology and the imagination of Caruso which, by selecting the fibres of the gold quality, 17 microns in width, spun and woven in flannel, cloth and jersey, have obtained fabrics which are at last soft, stretchy and lightweight, and so also suitable for a tailored suit.

It's made by the tailors of Caruso, so impecable fit included.

80% camelhair, 20 % merino wool