Caruso Single Breasted Gobigold Camel hair Jacket


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For the first time in history Caruso introduces us to 100% camelhair Blazer's and Suits. This is made possible by their good friends at Loro Piana: They created an 100% camelhair fibre that is 17 Micron wide. The thinnest fibre known to be used in Tailored clothing.  Believe us: its an real game changer.

( A real insider in the Italian fashion industry called it "A K-jacket like made in the good old days")

Camelhair has been known for years as an thicker fibre, used in overcoats and heavy jackets since the late 1920's. You immediatly recognise it at that great gold / brownish color.

The wool of the camels that live in northern Asia, in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, of which only 1.4 million specimens remain, is a noble and rare fibre, with only 2,000 tons a year being produced (of which only 30% is suitable for clothing), about one-third of the finest variety of cashmere. It has always been appreciated for its softness, its golden colour and thermostatic properties and until today had been used for rather thick fabrics and yarns, more suitable for coats and heavy jackets.

The touch, construction and fit of this jacket is just right, it can compete jackets twice the price. Still it's not a bargain, thats for sure, but it's not possible using the best fabric, being tailored partly by hand, but always in the hand. This jacket is a tailored luxury casual jacket, with 4 inner-pockets and comfortable side pockets. It's an unlined contstruction, only the shoulder and sleeves are lined. It feels very luxurious  and can be worn dressed up or on denims.

Button holes and pockets are ready to be opened.

Impecable Caruso Fit included

Made In Italy

100% Camelhair produced by Loro Piana esclusively for Caruso

Size name Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
48 73 51.5 88.5 45 48 49 19
50 75 53 89.5 46 50 54.5 19
52 76 53.5 90.5 47 51 57 19
54 78.5 58 92 47.5 54 58.5 19
56 79 59.5 93.5 49 56 62.5 20
Units in centimeters

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Type: Tailored

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