Common Projects 2051 BBall low retro 0506 white-black

by Common Projects

€ 399.00
€ 329.75 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Bball - The magic word is back again. It crashed with a pair of retro's in production and now we have the 2051 Bball. Don't mix it up with the previous Bball, these Bballs run a little smaller then before. Some guys need to size up one size compared to Retro's or even Achilles Original, the oxford model is not that generous on the wrist and also it appears to be a little smaller due to this closing way. I sized up form 43 to 44 and i'am very happy i did.

But; When you are in wearing this soft calfskin masterpieces, you will be the BBall master.

Made in Italy