Common Projects Original Achilles Tan

Common Projects

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Common Projects sneakers were the first to show the classic white sneaker wthout any unnecessary logo's or features. Like their sneakers, the founders Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami have remained pretty low key, like most people who do pretty things like this. It started all in New York years ago, the production and leather suppliers were found in their homecountry Italy, where else? Now after so many years still the white sneaker reamains the best selling style ever, but we also stock a lot of variety's. They bring the premium line, the slip on's, tournaments and more.

Tan; on demand of several clients who liked it so much, it's back again; Get yours before they are out as it might take a while again we can order it.


Common Projects sizes run large compared to sneakers. US10 = 42 in most cases, but please if you do have questions, just let us know , we help you with pleasure and try to avoid mistakes for you.

Check the fit button works on this.

Made in italy



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