Gitman Vintage bd shirt burgundy blue plaid

Gitman Vintage

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Since years we stock the Gitman Vintage legendary button down shirts. Started with some oxford button downs, (sometimes guys waited for over half a year for the grey ones) it slowly became a Frans Boone Store furniture item. A lot of loyal customers every season pick one or two shirts, even the dollar was not that EU friendly. So also now we present you  new Gitman Vintage shirts in the fit you know already or shortly; A not to tight button down shirt that offers comfort and durability. When you are between sizes, go up, it looks cool a bit oversized and cuffs turned up. Oh yes, they are made with the best materials and stitched for a life time.

These flannels are a mid weight flannel, in great plaids or plain color, the traditional Gitman vintage fit, The color combinations are just the right ones, these shirts often remind the glory days 60'ies and 70'ies and earley 80'ies. Ivy, prep, but also denim guys love these shirts.

Made in USA, 100% cotton


Size name Length Chest Sleeve Collar Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
Small 74 49 86.5 45 47 50 18
Medium 77 56 87.5 47 52 56 19
Large 79 59 90 49 56 60 20
XLarge 80 65 93 52 61 64 21.5
XXLarge 83 70 94 54 66 71 22.5
Units in centimeters

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