Ten C for women field jacket olive

Ten c

non E.U. price € 756.20

ex. import TAX & clearance costs

Here we are, at your request we added a serie women's Ten C field jackets, for the first time Ten C decided to make a serie field jackets, in the same fabric as the men's field jacket. So it starts sturdy, but wearing it it will break in like a pair of denims. 

Also you can put a liner in this jacket, same way like the mens collection, we do stock the women's down liner and the shearling, and i would say; purchase both , you will have an all year field jacket then.

We also stock one Field Jacket Navy for women Size Small; for more info please contact info@fransboonestore.com .


size              Small     Medium       Large
shoulder          46          47.5            48
chest            50          52               52
waist            48.5      50.5             53
sleevel          62.5      63.5            65.5
backlenght        69       70              71


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