Edward Green Galway in Utah chestnut grained leather fur lined

Edward Green

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The color chestnut is rich and looks great on all pants.

The leathers used,  the polishing, the yarn for constructing, the history of the company, it's all a part of the chemistry that makes you fall in love with these boots.

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Delapré is the name for the old abbey down the road from us in Northampton. It has a strong French connection deriving from St Mary de la Pré – ‘of the meadow’ in French.  And this leather too has a strong French connection – being tanned in Alsace.
It’s a handsome, natural leather with a quite different and less polished finish than other calfskins. Steeped in nine oils it’s a full, plump calf, with an unrivalled suppleness. Because it’s vegetable re-tanned in chestnut, quebracho and mimosa, it continues to develop its own distinct patina over time.
The tanner selects the finest calf from the fields of Brittany and the Dordogne. But even then only one in ten skins can be selected for delapré as it demands a skin that is both thick and perfect. So choose it for shoes you want to have a soft, waxed burnish rather than a high shine, and nourish it with cream, rather than buff it with wax. 
Utah is a printed delapré, with a pattern that adds more texture to this handsome casual calf and which has  a little more of a buff to.


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