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Frans Boone x Caruso hopsack Blazer single breasted

by Caruso

€ 919.59
€ 759.99 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Years go by, but one thing never disappears; The Navy blazer.

Why is it so dificult to find a decent one? They are almost all to thin, to heavy, to short or in an inferior construction method.

A navy jacket has some basic rules according to our standards, we prefer to follow these;

Metal buttons, 2 side vents and 2 flap (on db) or 2 patch pockets (on sb). A double breasted front is our favourite, but single breasted is an option for those who prefer to wear it more relaxed open.

No fancy lining, not to short and wool, decent wool.

The wool must be of that kind of quality, you can wear it all year, so it will be one of your best wardrobe investments, like cordovan shoes, a blue oxford shirt, a burgundy cashmere tie, a pair of flannels.

The hopsack heavy duty wool is from Vitale Barberis Canonico, offering a durability other mills can only dream of, the full canvas construction made in Italy by Caruso gives the comfort and elegance, where all other tailors can only dream of. Inside we see reinforsed inside pockets and a decent hand attached liningThe Basic idea to re introduce this kind of jacket was obvious; buy less but more functional.

Best of both worlds united in one jacket, you can wear on flannels or slacks, on a daily base , or for a dinner on jeans, in winter with a turtle neck, or with a fine oxford and cashmere tie, or a gitman bd shirt and a clubtie and knit waistcoat or cardigan.


 Made in Italy 

100% wool 350g

Size name Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
46 74.5 50 86 41.5 46 53.5 18
48 75 51 88 42 48 55 18
50 76 53 88.5 42.5 50 56 18.5
52 77 56 42.5 44.5 52 59 19.5
54 78 58 92 46 54 63 20
56 78.5 60 93 46 56 64 20.5
58 79 62 95 48 58 68 21
Units in centimeters


54 L 56 L lenght & sleeves +2