Glanshirt Kurt Poplin Azzuro Graph Check


non E.U. price € 119.83

ex. import TAX & clearance costs

These shirts are made under the umbrella of the Slowear group, just like the incotex pants. This means if you fit in one shirt, you will fit in all (if the model name is the same of course). We selected again the firt slimfit semi spread collar. This one is perfect for all day use, slim, a soft collar withe a not to high stand and soft lined. Bones can be put in the collar if you like to wear it with a tie. The bones are hidden in in a small pocket on the button list, together with spare buttons, so you will not loose these bones not using them. We stock these shirts all year round, because you can wear it all year round too. In our experience the blue and white poplins, oxfords, ginghams, tattersalls, stripes are the perfect selection for shirts like this, they always are a perfect solution for every day.

100% cotton, made in Italy.


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