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Hestra Matthew deerskin wool lined gloves black

by Hestra

€ 72.50
€ 59.92 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Glove suitable for the city as well on the countryside

White tailed deer from North America gives a supple and isolating leather with a beautiful grain texture. Italian wool linings keeps the hands warm under cold and damp autumn days and gives a good insulation down to minus five degrees celsius.

To hand sew a pair of gloves takes about two hours. Gives a beautiful and characteristic seam that is also easy to repair. Three lines of decorative stitchings on the back of the hand. Elastic, Helps the glove to stay in place and protects against cold air.


sizes 8-11


size info

The size of  gloves is measured in British inches. You measure circumference around your palm at its widest point.