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Incotex Venezia model 16 tapered fit flannel pants Blu Chiaro

by incotex

€ 298.00
€ 246.28 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Incotex Venezia brings for winter always the best flannels around. A flannel sourced in the best mills, and a perfect finished waistband, zip and nice lining fabrics are standard. We stock this great s100's carded  flannel in 4 colors, an extremely chique Beige Scuro,  the classic Grigio Chiaro and Scuro and a Blue Chiaro, also a very nice grey alternative.

The fit of these pants are similar to the regular 39 fit, but the leg opening is more tapered for a contemporary look, we think it's a great addition to this collection, as it looks great with sportswear, but also matches a navy blazer or a herringbone jacket very well.

100% Wool, made in Italy