John Smedley Orta pullover turtle neck Black

by John Smedley

€ 199.00
€ 164.46 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

A black  turtle neck, how close to the edge can you go. Only some of you are able to wear it in the right way, i am pretty sure. But then it's bulls eye, maybe on birdseye pants, maybe with  a navy jacket and pale grey flannels and black Aldens or Greens? Or on a pair of Barena drawstring pants and a black Barena jacket?

This Orta Pullover is made in a great new fit, so called "Italian fit" so no re-stocks can be made, so get yours soon before they are out.

We also stock it in 4 shades, Black, Chestnut, Midnight and Maroon blaze.

In the famous John Smedley "Merino Extrafine"


Made in UK, 100% wool

Size info! This is an "Italian Fit" so please check the sizes to compare, click on the check the fit button to se all!