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Levi's vintage Clothing 1947 501's Jackie

€ 260.00
€ 214.88 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

For this pair of jeans you need to think a little further... It's cut... Yes? And? WTF?? I can make this myself!

Go ahaed, the idea is old, nothing new, cool italians do it with their white denims on soft suede Alden loafers and a white shirt. Turn the cuffs up and wear it croped in summer time. The soft cone mills denim and the nice wash makes you forget about it... Or just let it finish at your local tailor, he needs work too..

Comes in 2 lenghts; 32 and 34, but i really don't know what length they cut it.. Check the Virtusize app later to see. Or the sizes below..

Denim woven at cone mills USA, sewn in Turkey