Maison Marcy Polkadot Pj's

Maison Marcy

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Brussels based Maison Marcy brings us these polkadot Pj's. Intended to be worn when you stay in housem, your bed, or... Wear it on lazy days, the pants with espadrilles and a tee, or the shirt on a short, with slip ons. Anyway it's a great made piece that brings back an inhouse dress culture that slowly died last decade's... Once you are into again it will suprise how cosy it is and it makes your rare relax moments extra enjoyable.


This slim fit model has a cool pant with cuffs, perfect on a pair of inhouse loafers of Edward Green, to make the look complete.

100% cotton exclusive printed for Maison Marcy


Maison Marcy - dedicated CRAFTMANSHIP - a belgian brand designed and conceived in winter 2012 - is a line of chic and trendy slumber wear, Pajamas and pants, and more to come.

For MEN and WOMEN with a flair, to be both worn at home (and in bed as well) - as outside and totally in sync with the present mood and spirit being the must haves for the happy few.

Made with the GREATEST CARE using the finest two and three ply Pima cotton, pinpoint, poplins, oxford, satin, silk, mother of pearl buttons, bias, piping, embroderies and customization.

The line is conceived in a huge range of different fabrics, most with exclusive prints, plain or with stripeschecks, dots and in a wide range of DELICATE REFINED COLOURS.

A subtle blend of COOL ELEGANCE and DANDYESQUE aristocratic fantasy.

The quintessential dresscode for la crème de la crème.

Made in Italy,

100% cotton


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