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Nata'Chien dog collar "Volcan"
Nata'Chien dog collar "Volcan"

Nata'Chien dog collar "Volcan"


€ 50.00 / € 41.32 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)


Only left in stock

Price starts at €41.32 ex VAT €50,- incl VAT

Not our core business, but it's a great sidestep as many of our clients have dog's and love to spoil them a little bit.

We stock these collars in 5 sizes:

Measured from the middle hole of the belt to the buckle (buckle not included in this measurement)

X-Small = 10inch 25.4 cm (1.5cm wide) chihuahua, small daschund, pincher etc...

Small = 13 inch 33.02 cm (2 cm wide) jack russel,standard daschund, beagle, french bulldog etc..

Medium 16 inch 40.64 cm (2cm wide) cocker, springer, labrador (girl) border collie etc...

Medium-W 16 inch 40.64 cm (3cm wide) 

Large 19 inch 48.26 cm (3cm wide) labrador, english bulldog,basset, german sheppard etc.

Designed in Antwerp, made in Africa, every piece is unique! The design and colors used are all the same like on the pictures, but sometimes a color is used in a different way, so please be aware of this when ordering it.  All are really nice and the differences are tiny.