Paraboot Chambord Actem Marron Velours Congo

by paraboot

€ 398.01
€ 328.93 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Paraboot produces shoes in France over 100 years and they are strong because they stay close to their heritage, the are the Land rover of shoes, but they don't rust and last maybe longer. The Chambord is besides the Michael, one of their most classic styles, wanted worldwide for it's classic looks and versatility, you can wear it daily, all year round. We love it best in winter time with a Gitman vintage shirt, Laurence j Smith sweater and a pair of resolute 710 jeans. This great style is even adapted in Japan even more then in Europe, in Japan people have respect for the product and the heritage and soul from the company.

Made in France.

sizes are UK / EUR