President's Gavin jacket 100% cashmere weatherproof navy

by President's

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€ 1,198.99
€ 990.90 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

This is a typical piece that shows the Skills of Mr Guido Biondi, founder of President's. Creating a relaxed atmosphere, but well made and refined, this is something special.

This jacket is something special too, a kind of outerwear blazer,  in an Italian fabric made specially for outerwear, crafted in Tuscany.

It's finished with a great lining, using chambray and cotton. Three inside pockets to store small items and nice buttons, show the Italians still know how to refine pieces like this. The fit is like a coat, not to slim. so you can wear it over a turtleneck easily, but it still it has nice sleeves that are well cut.

The double breasted fit gives volume, we love it worn slouchy, with a big scarf and a turtleneck.


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100% cashmere, made in Tuscany, Italy.