RAUH-Welt Begriff volume 1 - Life after Birth


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We are proud to announce Frans Boone Store is the exclusive EU distributor of the worlds first coffe table book on Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) and the artistry of Akira Nakai

The vision of Nakai-san as he is affectionately known, is solely responsible for a distinctive style of Porsche Modification that has become a sensation throughout the world.

The book offers an up close and personal view to the build process and beyond, Nakai san transforms ordinary 911's into a RWB creation, by himself, every creation is unique.

It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but i think that even the 911 has become a investors item, there are still brave guys who don't care and just go for this! The bravest owners !


The first hard cover serie is numbered and printed in a limited quantity (930 copies worldwide) on premium archieve paper and 10 of these are signed by Nakai-san, if you are lucky you will receive one of these.

It's a hardcover with jacket, 300 pages

11.42" x 9.44"  (29cm x 24 cm)

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