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Caruso x Frans Boone hopsack jacket navy

€ 1,098.99
€ 908.26 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

It's in again!  Also a matching pair of pants available! After launching our best seller blazer that is fully lined and constructed, we needed to milder for warm climate countries: a half lined in a slightly lighter fabric.


Here it is! The Nabucco jacket in a Loro Piana Hopsack cloth. 250 g S150's wool, the open structure makes this jacket really a fresh blazer.

The shoulder padding is also slightly softer, but the fit is the same, so if you own the lined blazer, you can go for the same size. the innerwork is canvas, that lasts a lifetime.

important features on this one:

Loro Piana s150 250g wool in Hopsack weave, brown horn buttons, buttonholes prepared for opening, 2 patch pockets and side vents.

100% wool made in Italy.

Size name Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
46 74.5 50 86 41.5 46 53.5 18
48 75 51 88 42 48 55 18
50 76 53 88.5 42.5 50 56 18.5
52 77 56 42.5 44.5 52 59 19.5
54 78 58 92 46 54 63 20
56 78.5 60 93 46 56 64 20.5
58 79 62 95 48 58 68 21
Units in centimeters


54 L 56 L lenght & sleeves +2cm C corto sizes, sleeves & lenght -2 cm

Prior to the economic boom in Italy, it sometimes happened that people from the depressed South went in search of better fortune in the North, where industrialization was expanding and migrants could find a better life.Raffaele Caruso, the founder, moved from Naples to Soragna, in the province of Parma, in 1958 following his brother, a carabiniere in Fidenza, and started carrying out the only activity he was expert in – tailoring. Slowly, with the iron will of someone that is determined to succeed and cherishes the love for beautiful things, he managed to set up a small workshop with two workers, his wife-to-be and his sister in law, producing men’s suits for the notables of the region. The workshop developed into MA.CO. Manifattura Confezioni, a producer of men’s tailored clothing that gained the esteem and appreciation of the market in the 1970s and 80s.Alberto and Nicola, sons of Raffaele, joined the company in the 1990s with the same passion for the profession they took after their father, but with an expanded and more modern entrepreneurial culture which allowed them to take over the entire activity in 2000 and to transform MA.CO. into Raffaele Caruso Spa. Alberto was directly involved in all production and management issues, cultivating a true passion for technological innovation, whereas Nicola took care of the marketing area. Together they have transformed the company from a mere producer on behalf of third parties to an industrial tailoring entity, attracting designers and men’s fashion brands from all over Europe and developing, at the same time, its own line named Raffaele Caruso. In 2005, the company received the ISO 9001 certification, granted for the first time to an entity in the Textile/Clothing sector, and in 2006 it was listed on the MAC (Alternative Capital Market) at Borsa Italiana.

At the end of 2008, with a 60 million EUR turnover and 600 employees, Raffaele Caruso Spa, by then one of the most modern and advanced European men’s wear production companies, established a partnership that will be crucial for its future and for transformation of its brand into a top-level one.

The acquisition of a 35% share of the registered capital by entrepreneur Umberto Angeloni and the latter’s direct involvement in the definition of the company’s development strategies represented a quality leap towards positioning in the top market segment and the final establishment of the proprietary brand, now CARUSO.