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Remi Relief SP Finish Fleece Sweater Hooded off white

€ 199.00
€ 164.46 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

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REMI RELIEF indicates twist for ‘REMIX=Mixing again’ and operation for ‘RELIEF=Getting rid of’.

It derived from MEISTER’s thought: ‘Good stuff’ is created in re sult of adding twist to each one of process while getting rid o f superfluous.

The concept is ‘HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE’.

Based on the mind ‘Quality before quantity’, pursuing ‘ultimate American basic’ without any wastes by focusing on thread, twis ted thread, knitting, print pigment, processing. 


This idea above results in the best soft washed sweaters and tees, with amazing prints and a soft hand jersey, made and printed in Japan.

Many of the Remi Relief pieces have spots or broken seams, collars and cuffs and little holes all over... These are no minors but a part of the philosophy, so we will not accept returns because of this reason. Usually it's called a "special finish product"

100% cotton made in Japan