Resolute 710 rinsed

by Resolute

€ 237.99
€ 196.69 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Resolute's Core model

Based on the Levi's 501 model "66" with precisely reproducing the denim fabric of those days, has a fine fading like those used Levi's heans of late 1960's or 1970'ies.

Basicly 8 different lenghts are available, currently we stock L32 and L34 but soon we will receive more depending on the demand.

This will make everyone offer a chance to find the right pair. as totally it will go up to 86 sizes.

Washing the jeans will result in a great fade, it gets fluffy, hairy and later it will bleach great and still keep the blue alive.

13.75 oz before wash, 14oz after wash

Model 710 is a slim straight fit 4 button fly

Sizes are small, below you find the size chart for model 710

founders words:

This is the basic RESOLUTE model.
A66-type from the 60s. My favorite.
Protip: It gets more fluffy the more you wash it.
If you want to wear it the right way, toss that sucker in the washing machine over and over again.
Put in some detergent, too. Just for kicks.
Don't even turn it inside out. That way you'll get the pockets, edges, and seams.
It's got a slim silhouette to it.
That's why I like it.
We make shorter lengths too if you're lokking for a particular silhouette.
They match any coordination. Trust me on this one.

Now introducing four original styles of jeans.

Model #710

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