Scott and Charters x Frans Boone crew neck 100% cashmere Navy

Scott and Charters

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Remember the bulky cashmere sweaters worn by the better golf club members in Scotland? Those old men in wide cord pants and sweaters repaired with patches and in a large fit? Why? Because it's so comfortable and cool. This kind of sweat is never out of style, sometimes it is out of fashion, but who cares? Fashion is dictated by commerce and bimbo boys and girls who are only able to drop some names.


How to wear? On a dark pair of levis, white common projects and  a glanshirt? sounds good. On a pair of corduroy pants and longwing Aldens you bought in New York 40 years ago? Perfect!


This sweater survives all crisises and fashion statements. In gray flannel  and Neronavy. Other colors on demand.


100% 3/28 Cashmere made in Scotland 1/1 rib cuff and V neck


size 46 48 50
chest 60 61 64
waist 56 57 60
back.l 72 73  77

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