Studio d'Artisan D1538XX denim Pants Rigid

by Studio d'Artisan

€ 270.99
€ 223.96 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

"Enjoy the blue of the best" 

1970’s , the time of rapid economic growth in Japan, wave of economy made a value of “mass production” “mass consumption” permeated to all the country.

This is the biggest impact for “Jeans industry” which replace new denim fabrics made by new loom as “mass production” instead of selvedge denim made by old loom, Because of lack of productivity.

STUDIOD’ARTISAN & SA established in 1979 by a designer who learned it in France.It was very successful to reproduce and to take over the history of “real Jeans” made by old loom found in Okayama which fabric has especially tight, slubby, fading, those disappeared with value of “mass production”.

It is mid weight jeans that are assembled in 15 ounce denim fabric woven on old-fashioned Serubitchi looms, while tightly holding the fine detail of vintage jeans , this one was summarized in a stylish super tight silhouette . 15 oz denim is easy to wear throughout the year, you can securely enjoy the taste of denim with old-fashioned loom unique uneven feeling . This unwashed jeans comes in an mid- blue shade that will break-in and age beautifully over the years.

This pair is  the third release in the much sought after : War Jeans collection. Reconstructed denim Pants as during WWII, we immediatly notice the painted arcuates, semi-copper donut buttons and bar tacks instead of rivets at the coin pocket. The Third edition is now in the famous STS-Fit (Super Tight Straight).

made in Japan 100% cotton

Size name Inseam Waist Hip Thigh Knee Ankle opening Front rise Back rise
30 91 39 52 29.5 21 18 21 32
31 91.5 40 54 30 21 18.5 22 32
32 92 41 56.5 31 21.5 19.5 22.5 32.5
33 92 42.5 57.5 32 23 20 22.5 33
34 92 43.5 58 32.5 23 21 23 33
36 92 46.5 61.5 33 25.5 22.5 23 33
Units in centimeters