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Ten C Cyclone Parka black

€ 1,129.00
€ 933.06 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

A great revolution in the Ten C collection!

The Cyclone Parka takes its shape from the slimmer fitting german snorkel parkas of the late 1960’s. The pocket and hood details reference the Tempest Anorak but have been adjusted to work better with the slightly narrower set-in sleeve. Both the Tempest and the Cyclone parkas accept the full range of Liners.

Different from the classic parka, a Ten C evergreen, this one is more styled. The handwarming pockets and an extra pocket on top are integrated nicely in the design! a new range in the OJJ line with thermo pressed seams and laser cut.

OJJ - Original Japanese Jersey - is still THE Ten c fabric. A knitted, not woven, fabric made with a polyester micro fibre/nylon yarn. Ten c is the only company willing to take on the challenge and the problems associated with garment dyeing such a fabric because it believes that the resulting feel, touch and quality is worth it. The garment dyeing of this fabric is exclusive to Ten c.

The same fabric, but piece dyed, is used for the two welded pieces. Thermo adhesive welding and garment dyeing simply do not mix.

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Do not tumble dry!