Ten C Field Jacket Asfalto

Ten C

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The US Army Field Jacket was first introduced in 1943. It was remodelled in 1951 and this version, with its front zip, press stud closure, drawstring waist and rolled up hood in the collar pocket is close to the 1965 version used widely by the United States Forces during the Vietnam war. Ten C jackets are made in a knitted nylon/polyester micro-fibre that’s both waterproof and breathable.n Italy this durable material receives a special treatment resulting in its unmistakable look and its soft, almost placid texture. The fabric is garment dyed in a hot dye bath at 140 degrees, the pigments sink deep into the fibre – the colour tone appears especially intense. Rumors say it’s the same fabric used for Bentley soft-top roofs, but this is an unofficial statement It feels lik e a sturdy velvet. Like a pair of Alden shoes or jeans, these jackets become yours after wearing it...

Asfalto Black is color code 985, a kind of softer black, like off white , faded.


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