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Ten C Field Jacket lightweight Navy

by Ten C

€ 749.00
€ 619.01 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

The light weight Spring Summer Filed jacket and this  Flight jacket in cotton polyester are precise examples of how Ten C thinks and works. They are  perfect examples of that idea of "Right", something you just feel comfortable with. they have no whistles or bells, but the moment you touch them and then put them on, the sensation is just very simple. This is right, this is the jacket i am going to live with.

The fabric is perfect for summer, it's the right balance between synthetic and natural which so few fabrics achieve. It is also finished in a way that only the Japanese seem to have mastered. There are however no technical mysteries to explain, no hidden properties. It is a beautifully finished super light weight water resistant cotton polyester tela, perfect for it's use. The shape and fit of the two jackets follow the same idea. The Field jacket is just simply right. Ten C believes emphatically in this idea; Balancing fit, fabric, weight and models you are at ease with to create garments that you can live with easily and every day. The Flight jacket is more extreme example of this idea. Apparenty just another MA1 Bomber jacket but cut in a way so that it feels just right. the Gigantic sleeves are now narrow but feel the same. The jacket suits up at the back and down on the front, wrong, but right. The inside pockets echo the original reversible MA1.

Ten C believes in this; Creating timeless pieces you touch and then try on, and its right. This apparently simple balance is what we aim for.

 Field Jacket can however be worn with the Ten c liners in colder weather.

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Size name Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
46 73 51.5 87.5 47 50 51 22.5
48 75 54 89 48 52 53 23
50 76 56 90 50 53.5 55 24
52 78 58 91.5 51 55.5 58 24.5
54 80 59 93 52 57.5 60 25.5
56 82 63 94.5 53 59 63 27
58 84 64 95 54 60.5 64.5 27
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