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The Elder Statesman 100% Super Soft Cashmere Robe

by The Elder Statesman

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€ 1,617.00
€ 1,336.36 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

 Men! who buys a Robe like this? Hand Spun and hand loomed 100% Peruan cashmere, these sweaters are not the easy runner items. They are part of the "I just want it" collection in our store. Even the prices are exceeding all other sweaters thy are worth it. The handwork, the exclusivity, (way beyond all those cashmere brands) and most of all, the love it's made and sold with. It's magical how it impresses men and women form all ages and all different kind of size, look and idea. They just fall in love with "That Piece" maybe not easy to see online, but come over and experience it instore.

Some starting at XS, perfect women sizes too.

100% Peruancashmere handspun and loomed, made in US