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The Gigi Double Breasted Art in garment dyed cotton sand

by The Gigi

€ 614.99
€ 508.26 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

The Double breasted  Gigi Art jacket.  They are back again, made in Italy, fully desinged by Pierluigi Boglioli and his team! They started The Gigi 3 years ago and this brand was meant to forget the past and don't look back. After 6 seasons of extravaganza with wild patterns, experimental fabrics and innovation all over, the collection for this summer has a really mature image and look. The fit's are adjusted, the fabrics very easy to wear and perfect to travel, look sharp, and also relaxed.

This Double breasted Art jacket is one of the best examples of  this strategy, a full body jacket, drop 7 and 74 cm back length  on a size 50. The double breasted kan be worn open on sweatpants, jeans, or formal closed with tie and shirt on chino's or summer wool pants. 

It's a garment dyed cotton twill that's finished like we ues to, opened button holes, a great sleeve lining and an impeccable fit like we already know for years!

The price makes it a very strong alternative to replace your old jacket !

-100% garment dyed cotton

-soft construction 

-opened button holes

-Exclusive made buttons for the Gigi 

-2 patch pockets.

Made in Italy

For those who know the previous brand of Gigi owner Gigi Boglioli, the well made product is back again like in the old days ;-)

Please check the sizes below, or click on the "check the fit" button to see what size will it you best


Size name Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
46 72 49.5 85 43 46 50 18
48 73 51 87.5 45 47 52 19
50 74 52 90 46 48 54 19
52 75 54 90 46 50 56 19.5
54 75 57 92 48 52 61.5 20
56 76.5 58.5 92.5 48.5 55 62.5 20.5