Vetra Brown Cachou Coat


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The name VETRA has been composed of VEtements de TRAvail, back in 1927, workwear brands were always shown in red ink in the first part of this century, referring to the working class emblem. After black in the 1950’ies, the French Hydrone Blue became the most famous workwear color ever. The black buttons are a part of this Iconic workwear too.

Over the years Vetra evoluated and improved to become what it is now; Made in France garments, Vetra ever lasts, the workwear that fits, Vetra; The tailor for professionals


This coat inspired by a work coat has a nice a-symetric closed front, finished with nice buttons and a great fit on a tee and a skinny jeans

sizes run small

made in France 73% cotton 27% linen