Yuketen handmade Daniels wingtip boots in #8 Cordovan


non E.U. price € 1,346.28

ex. import TAX & clearance costs

Buying the cordovan is already a challenge, horween offers the best in this, but this horse leather gets rare, so it's hard to find the right shells. But what kind of boots you want to make out of this leather?  Almost a year ago Yuketen gave me the answer; a wonderful last shape, these boots are "throw back a century" like. The shape looks like the boots you see on pictures made ages ago. 20'ies 30'ies, hard to tell, but they are really "wanna haves".


All made by hand on exclusive lasts, only available @ Frans Boone Store, worldwide exclusivity.


Comes in #8 and black listed in US sizes

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