Yuketen x Frans Boone Sierra Wingtip boots Puce


non E.U. price € 801.65

ex. import TAX & clearance costs

These all over Handmade Yuketen boots are an out of the box project we fell in love with almost a year ago. The last is perfect, this is the first step Yuketen made in the high end shoe world, overruling all traditional brands. the wings have the silhouette based on the Sierra Nevada mountains in the US (California and Nevada).  Made in a grained leather that will survive any condition and completely hand made. In black and brown, a limited stock and worldwide exclusivity, we are the only store who had these made, so we can call this a collaboration serie, yuketen x frans boone.

This is the first delivery, more sizes will follow and on special request we might be offering more sizes the next months/years. 


comes in Puce (brown) and Black


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