Zanone Mart sweater crew neck aqua


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Zanone is going stronger and stronger. Their impeccable quality is already famous, now also the styling gets more and more inline with their big brother Incotex. Both operating under the Slowear umbrella, they are perfect partners. This 100% cotton cable knit sweaters is one of those sweaters you will wear as long summer lasts. the cotton smells good, like high quality cotton can do. Yes,  i do smell sometimes garments when they arrive  in store and i noticed already a couple of extremely well informed clients in store do this too. 

The cable knit on the front and the back remind me the classic sportswear, the plain sleeves and shoulders make it less bulky. it's a slim but well fitted sweater, so please check out the sizes or click on the check the fit button to compare with a sweater you own.

We stock it in three colors, sabbia, navy and aqua

The measures are taken flat on a table not stressing the knit.

100% cotton, made in italy

Size name Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist Hem Bicep
46 62 47 80 45 39 16.5
48 64.5 48 84 46.5 40 16.5
50 66 51 85 49 42 17
52 67 52 87 51 43 17.5
54 69 55 88 52 44.5 18
56 69.5 56 91 54 47.5 18
Units in centimeters

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