Measurements Virtusize

We are rolling out a new way to check the sizes of our products, Virtusize.

This option shows you easily how to take the measurements of the desired piece, but also you can build your own wardrobe size chart. Every piece you purchase onlline on a site using Virtusize will be aded to your virtusize account and from that moment on, you can compare new items with those you purchased and fit you well.

Just create your virtusize account and let's go!

Currently we are working on all sizes so if you see any sizes are missing, just ask us at : .

How to get started using Virtusize:

Step 1:

Create an account( there is no spam and thats a promise) follow the easy steps how to measure your garment to compare with your future order.

Step 2:

Choose the product you would like to order and hit the "Check the fit" Button below the Sizes. There is always an size chart available as an Guideline.


Step 3:

After clicking the Virtusize-button: your own Garment you measured (Step 1) is compared with the product you chose from our Shop. Its that easy, trust us

We see this measuring-proces as an service we offer to our E-clients around the globe and hope you like it. All comments and experiences can be sent to .