Resolute our first Japanese jeans brand was launched in 2010, by Yoshiyuki Hayashi.He stands on his diversified experience of over 30 years.

He introduced 4 types of jeans to start his jeans only brand; 710, 711, 712, 713.

The entire procedure of Resolute jeans production is all made in Japan from its yarn dying to its yarn weaving sewing and processing.

Simply because Hayashi does not compromise and is confident to mantain the best quality and design over decades, he stays with these 4 fits with different fits one will fit you for sure. Behind this strong confidence, we cannot ignore the backbone of the worlds best technologie/quality of jeans production in Japan.

founders words:

A brand with only four different styles.

Something you match with any top or shoes.
A convenient tool.

They can be a basic item for any coordination.
You wear them every dey, over and over again.
You even like watching the color fade. Don't you?

Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate "regular" pair.
The pair you've wearing now may have a good color to it. It may even fit your body perfectly. But your body won't look like that forever.
And when it changes, you'll want a new pair.
We want to be a store that you can stop by anytime to pick up another pair.