Inis Meáin

Before landing facilities were improved on Inis Meáin 20 years ago, all cargo was rowed in and out by currach (the island fishing craft), from the ferry anchored offshore. After each trip the currach had to be hauled up and carried to safety – hence the company logo. The island fishermen had to do the same with currach, gear and catch in all weather.

Clothes were mainly knitted garments and handwoven tweeds made for work, and to protect the fishermen from wind, rain and sea spray. Padding and patches were added to garments to protect the body.

The signature pattern of the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is the Storm Jacket, inspired by jackets designed and made for island weather, especially the harsh winter storms.

A key feature of the Storm Jacket is the extra layer of knit on the shoulders for warmth and protection when carrying currach and equipment.

A perfect addition to the workwear range.