William Lockie - The Cable Knit

The Cable knit sweater.

This item is an all year round item. It's perfect in our area, at the seaside and shows how useless cotton sweaters are (aside the sweat shirts made originally for sports activities of course). When it's cold, cotton makes no sense, and wool just keeps you warm and comfortable...  Frequently re-stocked and available in a a wide range  of colors. The Super Geelong lambswool is far superior to the classic lambswool, light weight, soft and easy washable. We always recommend it to wash like the machbine says when you push the button wool. 

  • Program Wool (NO other program, like delicate fabric or silk!)
  • Temp 30• c
  • Tumble dry 1200 rpm
  • And just a little wool wash liquid.
  • Dry flat and fold it when almost dry.
  • Don't turn it inside out to wash.