Frans Boone Exclusives


Sometimes we are hunting for a perfect bleached pair of jeans, but it never works out. Bleached, but to much bling for many jeans we saw, so we decided to team up with Orslow for this and it works perfect! Or Aspesi where we always purchase our favorite field jacket, called Toronto, we gained worldwide exclusivity for this jacket style. Zanone longsleeve polo's in the extreme fresh Ice piquet, also only available in our store, nowhere else, not even in the biggest online department stores... Why? Because we want these items, nothing else. Why we get these items ? Because our relationship is based on passion and creativity first... And this is not easy to imitate at all, we do it because we follow our heart and for you.

Oh yes. Our most famous exclusives are our Alden shoes and boots... A lot of our exclusives are a source for inspiration for Alden, but also other shoemakers.