Pantherella - The Fall Delivery

Socks are the finishing touch of your wardrobe, if you are not into hanks, bracelets or other peacock like stuff. Also they offer just that little more refinement to your shoes, one and one makes three in this case.

  • The Packington - A thicker Merino Wool Leisure sock, Soft and breathable, Merino wool makes the Packington comfortably warm and have a smoother appearance than other wool socks.

  • The Laburnum - A fine gauge Merino Wool Dress sock, fine, refined and exquisitely warm and comfortable, they are the ultimate dress sock.

  • The Raynor - A thicker Egyptian Cotton Leisure sock, Soft and breathable, the Raynor uses the finest Italian sourced, extra-long staple Egyptian grown cotton which translates to a robust and comfortable leisure sock.

  • The Fil D'Ecosse - A fine Gauge Egyptian Cotton Dress Sock, Incredibly Luxurious and made from the highest grade Fil d'Ecosse, to ensure the thinnest Yarn available.