In again, straight from the Double RL ranch!

Double RL

the second drop is in now, with lots of new items, watch cases, wallets and plenty more, like the restock of the slim narroe jeans and the return of the western shirt since a long time, get yours, because all items will be gone before you know!

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Pantherella - Frans Boone Store's selection...

Our own color range...

It's sometimes amazing how designers are miles away from our style but their product is one of the best available... So here we are... just our favorite colors MTO, almost never out of stock... Besides these special ordered colors, a large collection, from linen till chunky wool socks...

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Made in Los Angeles, the coolest cashmere that's worth to be called cashmere!

The Elder Statesman

Check out the amazing colors available at Frans Boone Store only, exclusivity assured,

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Yes, you are reading this when summer peaks... We received our usual Incotex Venezia


The every season returning flannel pants of Incotex, this time in the perfect 16 fit, a hybrid between the classic Incotex upperpart and a slimmer leg end. The best style reminding the model 36 a decade ago... Get yours now, come to our store or online, but don't ask us in October if we can get one...

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Years ago we were at the start of the new era of Drumohr, that was an from origin Scottish knitting company in Hawick,  where almost 50 factory's were doing the same thing, knitting great Scottish sweaters, blankets, scarves and lots of other wool items. Many of them couldn't survive the synthetic 70'ies and closed their business. Drumohr was saved by the family in Italy that also owned Marinella, world famous because of their clientele. The machines were transported, the ideas become more refined and Italian spice was added to the design. After carrying the brand some years, we skipped some season and now Drumohr is back, with better design, better quality and most of all fitting our store even better then before... We stock quite a lot and will frequently work out new items together with them and bring it to you with pride.

Frans Boone Exclusives

Frans BooneStore only!

Frans Boone Store Exclusive's - Items we believe in and are exclusive available at our store...

Sometimes we are hunting for a perfect bleached pair of jeans, but it never works out. Bleached, but to much bling for many jeans we saw, so we decided to team up with Orslow for this and it works perfect! Or Aspesi where we always purchase our favorite field jacket, called Toronto, we gained worldwide exclusivity for this jacket style. Zanone longsleeve polo's in the extreme fresh Ice piquet, also only available in our store, nowhere else, not even in the biggest online department stores... Why? Because we want these items, nothing else. Why we get these items ? Because our relationship is based on passion and creativity first... And this is not easy to imitate at all, we do it because we follow our heart and for you.

Oh yes. Our most famous exclusives are our Alden shoes and boots... A lot of our exclusives are a source for inspiration for Alden, but also other shoemakers. 

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