New items from The Real McCoy's

And lot's of items restocked, Sunglasses, Dead stock Mug's and Sport shirts...

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Kired - Using Cashmere inside (or outside?) and Loro Piana Storm System Outside (or inside?)

Inside-outside ; we don't care, (or maybe we do to much)...but we do know what is an unbeatable "Preis-Leistung Verhaltnis" (in German it just sounds better) and are happy to offer you this amazing outerwear collection from now on. (That it's initiated by Kiton is not a surprise for you we assume...)

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Packable Urban Traveller pants

Yes, by Incotex! It's surprising us and you, this amazing product setting new standards in high level traditional menswear.

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Get beachside ready with some transitional pieces.

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New Arrivals

William Lockie Vintage Sweater in 3 new colors added, restock of the other colors

The all year round super geelong sweater in the Frans Boone Store Exclusive make up!

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Pantherella x Frans Boone selection

A fine selection of Pantherella colors that are made to order as they are no stock colors. All year round!

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Why we think these colors are better

Socks are the finishing touch of your wardrobe ,if you are not into hanks, bracelets and other peacock like stuff. Also they offer just that little more refinement to your shoes, 1 and 1 makes 3 in this case. But never mind, nine out of ten, the offer of our suppliers was not what we wanted, designers sometimes have a strange take on a classy wardrobe and don't understand orange can be nice matching snuff suede, and purple fits perfect espresso suede... Also we think it's an amazing idiot idea to walk without socks(In wintertime for sure) in sneakers because it looks cool... NOT! Unless you have a nice dark skin, it sucks. (and then wear the Pantherellla Footlets, they are really the best, after years of testing) So we developed a serie of "Beach cotton socks" together with Pantherella in soft colors matching sneakers,  that will be exclusively distributed by Frans Boone Store. Soon available.

Job's, Event's, Made To Order

Events @ Frans Boone Store

We frequently invite tailors or other intresting partners to give you more insight in their work. Read all about it!

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Made to Order Service

For existing clients we offer an instore MtO (Made to Order) service from the best Italian tailors or Enlgish shoe makers.

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Job's @ Frans Boone Store

When you think you will fit in our team, you must browse this part and contact us rightaway, when you see a function that might me your ideal job!

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Online Stock clearance

Use Code "Stockclearance" to get 30% discount on Paraboot and John Smedley collection. ONLINE ONLY!

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